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6th Grade Team Building

The Boltz 6th Grade Team is dedicated to ensuring a successful transition from elementary to middle school. (Our team members' bios are listed on the left.) In addition to several daily programs that help students adjust, Boltz offers two team-building traditions - an overnight in Estes Park and a challenging day hike. 

Camp Timberline

Camp Timberline is a program that draws students closer and pushes the boundaries of their comfort zones. Every year, Bolts MS 6th grade team buses the 6th grade students up near Estes Park for an over night stay at Camp Timberline. Students stay in dorms, eat meals prepared by on site staff and sit around a night campfire. Stations include zip lining and ropes courses.

Hanging Out




Hanging Out!

Hanging Out!

Horsetooth Rock Hike

Nearing the last day of school, it is tradition that the 6th graders take a field trip to Horsetooth Mountain Open Space for a hike to the landmark Horsetooth Rock. Students hike the moderate grade 2.2-mile trail to the base of the rock. They take a break and eat lunch just short of reaching the rock. Students that want to hike to the summit of the rock are put into small groups and are escorted to the top of the rock for a view of the front range from Wyoming border to Denver. 


Trailhead at Horsetooth Mountain

lunch break

Lunch break at the base of the rock


Summit of Horsetooth Rock


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