Phoenix Pride


Theater, or drama, is an elective option for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at Boltz.  This class is one quarter long in 6th grade and a semester long in 7th and 8th. 

A broad understanding of theater, how to prepare scenes, work backstage in technical concepts, and effectively interact as a team/cast are a focus.  Monologues, short plays, audition preparation, and improvisation are also a part of our classes.

Musical Theater is a one-semester class for eighth grade students with an option for 7th grade students to be involved backstage.  The class also collaborates with our dance program in the production of the show.   In this class, students learn about singing, acting, and dancing in musical performances.  Information about this year’s production will be updated as the class is formed and the early stages of the show’s preparation is underway.    

More information about the theater arts programs can be found at this link.

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