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Here is the link to sign up for the 3 on 3 basketball tournament, on April 23rd starting at 9 am.




Coach:  Coach Van Dalen:

Coach:  Coach

We have made adjustments with our coaching staff for girls basketball.  Coach Sayre will continue to be on staff as a 7th-grade assistant coach.  We have hired Kaci Van Dalen to serve as our 8th-grade head coach.  She comes in with a wealth of experience coaching, playing basketball.  We believe she will embody our beliefs and expectations for our girls and will give them an incredible experience.  We have a brief introduction for her below.  Thank you all.

Welcome 8th grade basketball players and families! I’m Kaci Van Dalen and I'm super excited to meet you!  I will be the Head Coach of Boltz 8th grade girls’ basketball this season and our Assistant Coach will be my husband, Scott, (aka "Coach V").  Collectively, we have coached and played basketball and other team sports at all ages (kindergarten through college). We both have a passion for youth athletics and have a firm belief in the rewards of participation and competition that reach far beyond the field or court. We will do everything we can to meet each player where they are; teach understanding and correct skills of the game; encourage hard work; model respect for the sport, coaches, officials, and players; and place girls in situations where they can gain confidence and ultimately succeed as an individual and as a team.

Our season is coming fast so please use this time wisely by preparing, conditioning, and practicing skills. Our schedule is in the “Documents” section regarding camp, tryouts, and practices. It sounds like we may have a lot of ladies trying out and you all should be commended for having the courage to 'try out'.  Courage, hard work, preparation, teamwork, and a positive attitude are choices that are in **your** hands. These are skills for success later in life; We will be looking for these skills.     

Ladies, who's ready?!!   I can't wait!!

"Coach Kaci"


PRE-SEASON CAMP (Voluntary) Jan 3rd - 7th.  You will need gym shorts, a gym top, tennis shoes, and a water bottle labeled with your name.

TRYOUTS (Mandatory) Jan 10th - 12th

Practice Schedule: Please see the documentation page for a detailed schedule. 


For all game times, dates, and locations please follow our Google calendar on the Boltz Home page:  The game calendar can also be followed off the PSD Athlete Registration site below. 

For your student-athlete to try out, you must fill out the required athletic paperwork. Poudre School District requires that all athletic paperwork and fees are completed before a student-athlete may try out. Please visit PSD Athlete Registration to register your student-athlete. 

What you need to participate:

Click here for a link to the online registration form

Click here for a link to the registration form

Click here for a link to the registration form (Spanish)

Click here for a link to the physical form (take with you to a doctors appointment)


If you have any registration questions, please contact:

Gabriel Vigil AP/ Athletic Director