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Chamber Orchestra - Festival of Gold

Chamber Orchestra

The 2023-2024 Chamber Orchestra traveled to San Francisco in March to participate in the prestigious Festival of Gold. 

Festival of Gold combines multiple experiences into one event: a festival performance; in-depth, hour-long clinics with their acclaimed clinicians; an encore concert featuring all festival ensembles; and top-scoring ensemble distinctions. 

Ensembles are accepted by achieving a Gold rating at a recent Heritage Festival, Superior rating at a recent state contest, or by audition and is open to high school and middle school choir, orchestra, and band groups. 

Directed by Mrs. Claeys, the Chamber Orchestra members are:

Violin I:

  1. Kellyn Hart - Principal
  2. Kyndall Bort - Asst. Principal
  3. Amelia Beatty
  4. Nina Adams
  5. Thai Nguyen
  6. Dylan Turner

Violin II:

  1. Nell Bailey - ‚ÄĚPrincipal
  2. Ashley Gundelfinger - Asst. Principal
  3. Sofia Sifuentes
  4. Amelia Nugent
  5. Hope Elder
  6. Harper Landon


  1. Lainey Larsen - Principal
  2. Nina Demmler - Asst. Principal
  3. Kyleigh Billingsley
  4. Violet Smith
  5. Ely Devine


  1. Daniel DeLazzer - Principal
  2. Orion Bova - Asst. Principal
  3. Owen Carr
  4. Emily Romero
  5. Alice Erickson
  6. Calea Nickerson
  7. Sienna Zomer


  1. Trey Booker - Principal


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