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Give Next 2023-2024 Fundraising


Give Next

Give Next Committee

Give Next is a school-based fundraising program that teaches the value and mechanics of philanthropy to middle and high school students in Larimer County. The Boltz Give Next students have set up several committees to achieve this year’s goals.  In addition to supporting a local non-profit selected by our students, your donations will go to a number of worthy causes for the Boltz community identified by our Give Next students.  

One of the fund-raising activities the students have chosen is No Shave November (which is where male teachers don’t shave for all of November).  This will be one of several fund-raising events the students will hold throughout the year.

The Boltz Give Next community crew plan to use a portion of the donations to upgrade the Wellness Center which is a center in the school where students can go if they are feeling upset and need someone to talk to. 

Part of the donations will also go to the Boltz Give Next positivity crew. This group needs art supplies, mostly chalk, to make murals.

Cash, check and cards are welcome, as are donations of goods and supplies (like chalk and snacks.) Scan the QR code to Give Now.

Every group of Give Next hopes you will donate, and THANK YOU!


Give Next Donation QR Code Scan this code to donate online, or you can drop a check or cash off in the Boltz Office.


-Film for the three front windows of the Wellness Center

-Rug (an easy to clean - no shag, rug)

-Lamps with shades (warm soft lightS with shades for those that are light sensitive);  two standing lamps and two table lamps

-Fountain (It would be nice to hear soft running water to create a relaxing atmosphere.)

-New Art (nature or inspirational)

-Art organizer for a large table (something to put pens, coloring pencils and other supplies in)

-New coloring books

-Wooden Puzzles

-Weighted blankets

-Sand trays

-Glitter jar supplies (Elmer’s glue, glitter and small mug size mason jars

-Stone painting supplies - acrylic craft paint and small paint brushes)

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