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Nicholas Ray

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I am excited to teach US History 8 this school year.  I have always been fascinated by early Native American histories, the fortitude of early settlers, and the founding documents that structure our government. I have two young children and have been married 10 years. I love the outdoors and the resilience of our local flora and fauna. I can be found dining on patio's, floating in Horsetooth Reservoir, or  camping with friends and family each summer.  I was raised by my mother and father to take care of others. My grandmother reminded me to be more aware of peoples actions than their words. I believe every type of students deserves a chance (or two or three) to have a great experience at Boltz.  I have been at Boltz for more than a decade and consider myself lucky to work with all of the professionals here.

My Classroom

Eighth graders learn about colonization of the Western Hemisphere through Reconstruction. Our course covers topics including (but not limited to), Native Americans, various wars, treaties, colonists, disease, government structures, taxes and economics, geography, the middle passage, the end of race based slavery in the US, and current events. 

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