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6th Grade Science 

This is an introductory semester to 3 main units of science. We keep an Interactive Notebook of our daily work and use laptops often to enhance our learning.

Physical Science involves study of atoms and the periodic table. Models and hands-on activities are featured as well as a CSU Chemistry Club visit.

Earth Science is next with how the surface of the Earth continues to change over time. Water cycle and natural resources are studied here. Local geologists share their experience with us.

Ecology finishes off our class with the study of how animals interact with their environment. Energy pyramids, food webs and population graphing are included here as well as local examples such as CSU’s Ecology Club.

7th Grade Science



You will learn how Earth’s plates interact and be able to explain models of plate motions on Earth.  During the plate tectonics portion of this unit, you will study multiple geologic formations that actually exist! You will be able to describe the geologic time scale, identify major geologic events on Earth, and use evidence to describe events in Earth’s geologic history. We love to have guest Geologists in to speak to our students about careers in science.  

For the cells unit the main concepts include: Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, The Carbon and Oxygen Cycle, Meiosis and Mitosis. Gregor Mendel will help us focus on how genes are passed onto offspring. We will learn a little more about how you inherited some of your physically seen traits.  Charles Darwin will lead us through a unit as you will examine the physical adaptations of the common Grass Frog as it relates to the human body.

8th Grade Science

During this final year of middle school, the focus is on four main units with an emphasis on the scientific method throughout.

Astronomy includes not only the relationship of the bodies of our solar system, but our existence due to waves emitted from the sun.

Energy continues with waves of sound, light, heat, chemical, and mechanical energy that leads to your own experimentation with blade design for wind turbines.

Physics seems to be a subject of great interest as motion is something you will measure through the experimentation with roller coaster designs and competition.

Weather brings about a variety of storm stories and your personal experiences. You will be able to explain how to read weather maps, and perhaps make a more accurate than our local meteorologists!

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