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Boltz Buddies

Boltz BuddiesBoltz Buddies is an enriching mentoring initiative designed to foster a supportive environment within our school community. Our program carefully pairs dedicated 8th-grade mentors with 7th-grade mentees, creating invaluable opportunities for mentorship and personal growth throughout the academic year.

Committed to empowering our students, Boltz Buddies equips mentors with essential leadership and communication skills through comprehensive training sessions. With this foundation, mentors engage with their mentees on a deeply personal level, offering guidance, encouragement, and practical support to help them achieve their individual goals.

The heart of Boltz Buddies lies in the meaningful connections formed between mentors and mentees. Through regular meetings, typically scheduled 1-2 times per week, mentors provide a nurturing space for mentees to share their experiences, seek advice, and navigate challenges. These interactions not only enhance academic performance but also contribute to the social and emotional well-being of both mentors and mentees.

By participating in Boltz Buddies, students develop crucial life skills, forge lasting friendships, and cultivate a sense of responsibility and empathy within our school community. Together, mentors and mentees embark on a transformative journey of mutual support, growth, and achievement.

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