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Boltz offers choir as an elective for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  Choir 6 is a quarter-long class; choir for upperclassmen is a year-long class.  Students who wish to sing in choir AND play an instrument in band/orchestra are allowed to do so.  In addition to singing during the school day, a zero hour choir is offered to seventh and eighth grade students.  Choir students expand upon their musical knowledge through the use of solfege, various rhythm systems, absolute pitch names, and of course, score reading.  Choir members are exposed to a variety of choral music, regular sight-singing, and part-work.  Singers are taught to use proper breath support, diction, expression, phrasing, balance and blend, vocal health and tone production, posture, and choral technique.

Please visit our choir page to find out about all of the exciting opportunities that choir has to offer!

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