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Social Studies

8th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade

Sixth grade social studies will move through the Western Hemisphere. We will start the year with the basics of physical and human geography. Students will learn mapping skills and begin to identify patterns that are a result of interactions between the humans and the physical world. During the remainder of the first semester, students will learn to identify the basics of different government and economic systems. During the second semester students will study the history of North and South America where they will seek to understand the development of the Western Hemisphere and the interactions of people in the region. Students will study the people, cultures, and ideas in the Western Hemisphere and how they have impacted modern times. Projects during the year include; Create a Country Mapping Project, Government Systems Video, Civil Rights Project, North American History Timeline, Latin America Travel Project. 

7th Grade

Seventh grade social studies will take students on a journey across ancient civilizations and continents. We will begin our study of history and geography in Mesopotamia, and we will spend much of the first semester learning about early civilizations. At the end of the first unit, students will complete a project in which they create their own civilizations. Additionally, students will participate in a historical fiction book study about the Middle East in our first semester, to learn more about the modern history of the region. In our second semester, students will travel across Europe and Africa, discussing how the geography of a region impacts the civilization that develops there. Finally, as the year draws to a close, students will research one country in Africa and creatively present their research to the class.

8th Grade 

8th graders step into the vibrant world of an 8th grade history class, where students embark on an exhilarating journey through the annals of American history from 1492 to Reconstruction. Guided by the Colorado Academic Standards, these young historians immerse themselves in the dynamic tapestry of America's past, unraveling the intricacies of colonial exploration, the forging of a nation's identity, and the echoes of conflict that reverberate through the decades. Through spirited discussions and engaging activities, students discover the perspectives that shaped historical events, as they analyze primary sources and cultivate critical thinking skills. They walk alongside indigenous cultures, explorers, and settlers, delving into the complexities of westward expansion, the struggle for independence, and the forging of a democratic foundation. Alongside the thrill of unraveling historical mysteries, they investigate the tangled roots of the Civil War, its profound impact, and the strained quest for national healing during Reconstruction. As these budding historians embrace the pulse of history, they not only meet the rigorous demands of Colorado's academic standards but also ignite a lifelong passion for understanding the intricate layers of the nation's past.



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