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Marishel Diaz Levy Pinto

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Marishel moved from Cancun, Mexico, to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2010 to pursue her post-secondary education. Marishel identifies as female, Jewish, and first-generation college graduate from Colorado State University (CSU), with a joint master’s (M.A) degree, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, and seven teaching licensures in English Language Arts (ELA), English as a second language (ESL), Culturally and Diverse Education (CLD), Spanish, Leadership, Health Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences (FCSS). 

This year will be her fifth-year teaching full-time. Three of those years were spent teaching Leadership and Spanish at Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana, the remaining year was spent at Poudre High School teaching ELA and Freshman Seminar. 

Marishel is honored to be a part of the Phoenix community and serve beyond the classroom as she coexists to encourage a multicultural and multilingual community that makes a difference. She wants every single member of the community to be heard, honored, valued, and provided with a sense of belonging.

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