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About Me
Hi Everyone! I have been an Instrumental Music teacher for over 16 years. My background includes teaching at all 3 levels, elementary, middle school and high school. I love my job! Getting to come to work everyday and play music all day long with students is lots of fun. I also love to Dance, as well. My dance background includes ballroom dancing, country dancing, studio dancing and also for a brief time I was a professional dancer for a sport team. When I dance, I can forget about anything that is bothering me, it simply feels good to move with music. In my spare time, I love to hang out with my two daughters, Emmalene and Annaliese, my husband, Jason and my dog Cisco.
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6th-8th Grade Orchesta

7th & 8th Grade Dance

Phoenix Strings

Chamber Orchestra

Musical Theater Assistant Teacher & Choreographer

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My goal is to help students master their craft, whether it is learning how to play an orchestra instrument, the guitar or learning a dance routine/technique.  I try to do this in an environment that is fun and engaging.  I ask that all my students come to class with a positive attitude and an open mind for learning.