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I was born in Tallahassee but I have spent the majority of my life in the Chicago area. I attended Loyola University Chicago where I received my bachelor's degree in Psychology. After graduating, I went to Roosevelt University Chicago to work toward getting my master's degree in special education, which I received in 2012.
I performed my student teaching in Chicago and taught there for one year, before moving to Champaign, Illinois to teach at an elementary school as the special education teacher working with students who experience severe emotional disabilities. I taught as the leader of that program for five years before deciding to move to Fort Collins.
My life is heavily centered around my family and I wouldn't have it any other way. My wife and I have a two year old daughter and learning how to be a parent has been and continues to be an unbelievably rewarding experience.
I love sports and try to spend as much time as I can cheering on my favorite Chicago teams, mainly the Bears, the White Sox and the Blackhawks. Being born in Tallahassee and still having a lot of family down there, I was raised to be a serious Florida State Football fan and that has not changed...Go 'Noles!
My family and I love to travel and have seen the majority of our great country, especially on the east-coast. The favorite trip I have taken was when my wife and I went to a number of countries in Europe over the course of two weeks in 2014. Italy was our favorite but we also were fortunate enough to spend some time in Scotland, England, the Netherlands, and Germany.
A passion of mine is spending time outdoors. I enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and checking out wildlife whenever I can get outdoors.
I became a special education teacher because I am passionate about helping students find ways to overcome their obstacles and own their learning. Middle school can be a difficult time for children and I know it was for me personally so being able to work with kids during this time of their lives is an important role for me to fill.
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I work with the sixth grade team to teach reading, writing, and math. 

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Here at Boltz, I work closely with the sixth grade team as an integrated services teacher. While I do have a classroom, my day is typically spent rotating to sixth grade classes and helping students as much possible.