Phoenix Pride

Farrah Emami

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About Me

Ms. Emami graduated from Colorado State University in the spring of 2017 and has grown up in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has been a practicing artist her whole life and loves making art in all mediums, especially photography, drawing, and painting. This will be her second year teaching and she is so excited to be at Boltz!

My Classroom

My teaching philosophy is that all students are capable of being artists who are uniquely creative in their own way. Units and lessons focus on building creative and personal vision while also learning new art skills and techniques.  Lessons are designed to be personal and pertient to student's individual interests and creative ideas, offering students many choices in the art room ranging from materials to conceptual ideas.  

Courses Taught
  • Art Activity & Appreciation- 6th grade only 
  • Art 2- 7th grade only 
  • Art 3- 8th grade only 
  • Photography- available to 7th or 8th grade 
  • Pottery & Sculpture- 8th grade only