Welcome Back Email with Details

Welcome Back Phoenix,

A special welcome to all our new 6th grade families! We are excited to start the new school year with you soon. At Boltz we exist to grow a caring community that makes a difference. To that end, we are in the process of finishing up the last minute facility changes we completed over the summer and are readying the building for all of you to come back! This email is to serve as a one-stop info source for the beginning of school so please refer to it as needed. Our office is currently open from 8am to 2pm this week, but our phone system has yet to be installed after our summer remodel. We apologize if you've tried to contact us via phone and we have been unresponsive. We hope to have this completed this week. In the meantime, if you have questions you can email our office manager, Tiffany Danford (tdanford@psdschools.org) and she will direct your question accordingly. Or you can stop by and see us. Our office number is 472-3700 and I will email out to parents when that number is working again.

Next week, beginning August 12th, our office will be open for our regular office hours, 7:30am to 3:30pm daily.

School Website and Online Calendar - We try to update our website with BOLTZ NEWS stories (left side of page) and UPCOMING EVENTS (right side of page) in order to put information you'll need at your fingertips. Please check this site often for your general school-related questions. bol.psdschools.org

New School Times - Please remember that start and end times for Boltz were moved forward 25 minutes this year. School starts at 8:05am and ends at 2:55pm.

ParentVUE and StudentVUE - ParentVUE and StudentVUE were open this weekend but information (schedules) contained in them was not accurate. The schedule tab is now deactivated but will reopen on Monday, August 12th. Our counselors are working on schedule cleanup (balancing classes and checking to be sure students were placed in their requested classes) this week. Please check again next week.

Student Check-In - Our student check-in is coming up next week. This day is designed for students and parents to attend together to pick up schedules, get school pictures taken, get student IDs, verify demographic information, and pay fees. Teachers will not be available for students during check-in. We have broken this into 2 different days.

  • 6th grade will check-in on Thursday, August 15th between 8am and 12pm. Please note that many students will show up right at 8am and it is very busy during the first hour. We suggest you try to attend later in the window if possible. All parents will be asked to sign a verification form for your student that contains correct email and phone numbers to we can contact and communicate with you.
  • 7th and 8th grade check-in is on Friday, August 16th between 8am and 12pm.

6th grade transition day - Monday, August 19th is the transition day for all 6th grade students in PSD. Students will not need school supplies on this day and will be taking part in activities throughout the day designed to assist their transition to middle school. All 6th graders should receive an invitational phone call from their 8th grade WEB leader who will be their guide on this day. Students should bring their own lunch for this day, but students who have free or reduced lunch will have sack lunches available in our cafeteria. The time schedule for this day mirrors our regular school times - 8:05am to 2:55pm. All 6th graders will get their own lockers assigned to them on this day.

First Day of School for All Students - The first day for all students is Tuesday, August 20th. 7th and 8th grade students will have lockers assigned to them in their first period RED class on this day. 6th graders will already have their locker assignments given to them on the transition day.

Fall Athletics - Fall athletics officially begin on the first, full day of school. Many sports are offering camps the week prior. Please check the athletic web page for information. In order to participate in official practices and games students will need to have their athletic physical forms on file at Boltz, their fees paid, and athletic paperwork filled out. All of this information can be found on the athletic registration web page. Fall sports are Cross Country (grades 6-8), Football (7th and 8th), Tennis (7th and 8th), and Girls Volleyball (7th and 8th). Information on club soccer will be announced after school begins.

6th grade Back-to-School Night - Our 6th grade team has a separate back-to-school night for parents. This night is Tuesday, August 20th from 6pm to 8pm. More details on this evening to follow.

7th and 8th grade Back-to-School Night - Our 7th and 8th grade back-to-school night will be from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, August 22nd. More information to follow.

School Supplies - A list of school supplies by grade level can be found on our website.

We are excited to see you all very soon! It's going to be a great year.

Brett Larsen, Principal, Boltz Middle School