"A R T   E N A B L E S   U S   T O    F I N D   O U R S E L V E S

A N D   L O S E  O U R S E L V E S   A T    T H E    S A M E   T I M E.”

-T H O M A S   M E R T O N

Art courses at Boltz are designed to inspire students to tap into their creative potential and express themselves through the process of art making.  In art, students explore various art skills, mediums, and conceptual ideas. Each project will help students become more aware of their personal expression and view of the world, while learning how to be creative problem solvers and conceptual thinkers.  Art courses cover multiple units including drawing, painting, ceramics, collage, printmaking, and photography.

Visual Arts Courses:

Art Appreciation- offered to all 6th graders at Boltz and is a foundations class.  This is a semester long course where students will be delving into the art making process.  Units we have done in the past include a surrealist collage, zentangle watercolor animals, self-portraits, creative drawing, marbling, and various other projects.

Art 2-  designed for our 7th graders to hone in on techniques and build their skills through specific art themes. Students will be in charge of the level of difficulty they would like to go, though every lesson should involve similar techniques and approaches.

Art 3- an 8th grade course where we build off techniques that have been established in Art 2. Each project will allow students to become more aware of their personal artistic expression while learning how to be creative problem solvers and well rounded artists.  

Pottery and Sculpture- encouraged for all 8th grade students that are inclined towards 3D art. Our projects explore function, aesthetic, and Art’s connection to nature as well as society. Materials range from clay to plaster to fabric.  Skills we will explore in pottery and sculpture include hand building, wheel throwing, and additive and subtractive sculpture. Boltz pottery site:

Photography- offered to 7th and 8th grade students and is considered an advanced art class. Students will be exploring the photographic medium using mostly digital tools, with the exception of a Cyanotype project.  Each project focuses on essential photographic skills such as composition, framing, use of lighting, and post process editing. Students will become experts with photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop and will build their own digital portfolio. Boltz photography site:

for more photos follow our art adventures on Instagram @ms.emami_art 


Following the Colorado Department of Education Standards for Visual Arts, this program will provide feedback to each student based upon their performance in class. Each unit will involve an assessment directly linked to the appropriate State Standard. Each standard is listed below:

Standard 1 - Observe and Learn to Comprehend

Standard 2 - Envision and Critique to Reflect

Standard 3 - Invent and Discover to Create

Standard 4 - Relate and Connect to Transfer