The Gifted Education Program in Poudre School District is committed to identifying and serving gifted learners. All schools in the district identify gifted learners based on a body of evidence that indicates high potential, write Advanced Learning Plans for all gifted learners, and serve gifted    students by differentiating instruction, providing enrichment opportunities, or providing specific services based on the needs of gifted learners.
Gifted students are capable of high performance, exceptional production, or exceptional learning behavior by virtue of any or a combination of these areas of giftedness:

  • General intellectual ability
  • Specific academic aptitude
  • Creative, productive thinking
  • Creative, productive thinking
  • Leadership and human relations skills
  • Visual and performing arts identification

*Students can be identified in multiple academic areas or areas of giftedness.

Program Mission:
The mission of the Gifted and Talented Program at Boltz MS is to transform the potential of our gifted students through challenging and meaningful learning experiences so that the students may become creative producers and responsible problem solvers in the 21st 


What is an ALP SMART Goal? Are they the same in LA and Math?

Below is a list of the four SMART goals that students must choose from when writing any ALP in PSD this year. These are general goals, or umbrellas, under which a countless number of tasks/interventions are possible to complete the goal—the choices are endless. 

Goal #1:  Advanced Academic Performance and Achievement

Goal #2:  Independent Learning and         Exploration in Area (s) of Interest

Goal #3:  Social and Emotional Support—Affective Needs

Goal #4:  Post-Secondary Readiness and   Career Exploration

Our Boltz GT students this can pursue an array of tasks to fulfill their Math, Language Arts, and/or Creativity ALP goals—Inquiry Projects, career mentorship with an adult in the       community, reading logs, creative writing projects, affective groups to improve organization and perfectionism, and so much more.

Opportunities for Gifted Students at Boltz

This is just a small sample of the activities here at Boltz that are available to challenge students.

Chess Club members play on Boltz challenge ladders year-round and are given opportunities to enter local and regional competitions.

Student Council organizes school dances, special days, fund raisers, and school/community projects while providing members with leadership opportunities.

Computer Club students work on programming, animations, and websites for ThinkQuest competitions.

Lego Robotics members enter team-oriented robotics competitions using Legos and laptops.

Musical Theater is a year-long class in which students combine their musical and technical talents for major productions such as Aladdin, Seussical, and Once Upon a Mattress.

WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) is a leadership and mentoring program where 8th grade students who “know the way, show the way.”

Mathcounts is a series of competitions designed to increase math skills.  Our championship teams include students in grades 6-8.

GT Lunch Bunches are available for all three grades. Gifted students are able to meet with their GT peers and discuss topics related to giftedness as well as  receive support with affective skills and issues.  

GT Advisory allows a daily time for our 6th and 7th grade GT students to meet with their gifted peers.  Besides allowing study time, GT Advisory can also allow time for students to work on ALP Goals.