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World Languages: German

German Speaking Nations

Are you interested in…

…international business? Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world, after the US, China and Japan. Out of the global Fortune 500 companies, 29 are headquartered in Germany.

…geopolitics involving the EU? Germany and France are the two most influential players in the EU.

…an exchange year or gap year? Germany has hundreds of programs to let you experience life abroad.

…a free college education abroad? The vast majority of universities in Germany charge no tuition fees even for international students.

…the fields of:

…mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, bioengineering, or ecology/agribusiness? German companies like Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Bayer, BioNTech (and hundreds of smaller, highly specialized companies) are driving innovation in these industries.

….the medical sciences (e.g. genetics, biomechanics, epidemiology, neuroscience)? The Robert Koch Institute and the Max Planck Institute are at the forefront of critical research in these fields.

…the hard sciences (e.g. mathematics, physics, and chemistry)? Some of the most famous names in these fields are German, including current researchers.

…history, music, philosophy, psychology, or theology? Many terms in these fields are German (without an English equivalent) because of famous German researchers—and Germany remains a hub for these fields today.

…why English is called a “Germanic language”? If grammar “rules” in English tend to frustrate you, then learning where our language came from will be both funny and freeing!

…the history behind your friends’ last names? German last names are often very literal. At the very least, car rides will become much more entertaining, translating and chuckling German names on signs!

If the answer is “ja,” it sounds like German is for you!

About Frau Martin

I grew up in Texas, and studied Russian, German, Spanish and Linguistics. I just moved here after five years in Germany! In Germany, I taught English as a foreign language to middle and high schoolers (Fulbright ETA), college students (two universities), and professionals (medical device company). I am excited to be at Boltz Middle School this year! Learning about the world in seventh and eighth grade was what made me decide to study languages and explore the world for myself!

World Language Standards

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Comparisons: Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures

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