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I grew up on a flower farm in southern Michigan.  When I was in high school, my family took a trip out west, and of my five siblings, I must have been the most struck by it.  I started visiting Colorado as soon as I received my driver's license and continued into my college years at Michigan State.  When I graduated, I didn't even apply for teaching positions in Michigan because I knew that I wanted to be in Colorado.  

I landed in Rifle where I taught high school English for five years.  That experience has been very valuable, but I'm very glad to have made the switch to middle school.  I love the energy, enthusiasm, and smiling faces every day! I taught eight years in Eaton.  That's where I learned how rewarding it is to connect a student with a book they enjoy and foster that love of reading.  There's just nothing better.  However, I wanted to serve the children in the community where I live.  So, three years ago I was lucky enough to land a position at Boltz, and it is a perfect fit!  

7th grade students have so many interests.  Right now we have students interested in creating a gaming club, fishing club, bike riding club, and that's just a few!  I want to help them make those dreams a reality.  The more connections students have to Boltz, the better.  That is one reason I love being involved with NJHS.  The students have such huge hearts of service and so many ideas, and with NJHS they can make them happen, and I get to help!  I look forward to years of seeing these programs grow and helping students find meaningful ways to make memories and connections here at Boltz.  

Over the years, I have not fallen out of love with the Colorado outdoors.  Mostly, I mountain bike, but I can also be found fishing, hiking, camping or taking my cat Morris for a walk. 

It's so nice growing more connected to the Boltz community.  Feel free to reach out with ideas, concerns, or questions!

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