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National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)







These are the Five Pillars of NJHS.  They are organized according to the priorities of this year’s NJHS student leadership.  It is their goal to create opportunities that foster growth according to these priorities.  Your help and suggestions are always appreciated.  Please communicate them to


Speaking of leadership, here are some of the current projects our team has chosen to take on.


Advisor Mr. Mayer - New Ideas Committee

Cooper McGrew - Give Next

Secretary Lily Padilla - Planting Trees

Treasurer Bailey Kettler - Larimer County Food Bank

Vice President Finn Berning - Foot Care Kits

President Emily Texeira - Horsetooth Cleanup


There will be successes and failures this year, but that is all part of learning about leadership.  With these projects and likely many more to come, we hope to get as many students as possible involved and give them the opportunity to take on authentic leadership roles that will further promote the 5 pillars of NJHS.  Again, if you have ideas, opportunities, suggestions or concerns, please reach out to  Encourage your student to check their email regularly (our best form of communication) and keep up to date on Google Classroom.  Most importantly encourage them to get involved with various activities and to lead at least one project this year!  Thank you and I look forward to updating this website with more exciting news to come!