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These are the Five Pillars of NJHS.  They are organized according to the priorities of this year’s NJHS student leadership.  It is their goal to create opportunities that foster growth according to these priorities.  Your help and suggestions are always appreciated.  Please communicate them to


Last updated:  5/19/22


We will have Lamar's donuts to celebrate a great year tomorrow morning at 7:30 in the commons.  Be there!


Upcoming meeting dates - May 20, August 19, September 9, October21, December 2, January 20, February 10, March 10, April 7, May 19

All meetings from  7:15-7:40 a.m.  


Current Projects:



Completed Projects  (there are more!)

The last day before spring break was quite exceptional for NJHS.  You may have heard about Stall day; it's a Boltz tradition.  This year, Christopher Blea and Neveah Stahl were relentless in spearheading the Stall day efforts and as a result approximately $2000 was raised!  The project raised funds for the Children's Hospital and for potentially building a Gaga ball pit here at Boltz.  Nice work!  

We were also excited to receive over 40 applications from 6th graders interested in joining NJHS next year!  

Meanwhile, Haven Gibson continued to earn NJHS a quirky and tasty reputation for selling pickles at lunch and after school.  Haven's project has raised over $100 for a no-kill animal shelter and there are still a few pickles left to sell!

NJHS is also excited to announce that Mrs. Nickerson has signed on as an advisor!  

Last but certainly not least, we are very proud of the huge group of students who stepped up to the challenge and took the risk of running for various executive board positions next year. With that in mind, we are happy to announce next year's:

President - Brendan McKellar

Vice president - Mason Friedline

Treasurer - Maggie Lee

Secretary - Joanna Van Shaar

Through their leadership, I'm confident NJHS will do many great things next year and for years to come!

There are so many amazing things about the students here at Boltz.   They have vision, conviction, grit, generosity, helpfulness;  the list keeps growing.  I'm not going to lie, Brendan McKellar's project felt like a long shot at times.  Brendan wanted to make a difference for a no-kill animal shelter; how to do that in the middle of the Omicron surge and amongst other obstacles was the challenge.  We tossed around a number of ideas, but Brendan came up with the Bean Bag Toss with the help of a few friends.   A leader collaborates.  The next challenge was when to hold the fundraiser.  Brendan could only be present during 7th grade lunch.  He needed an 8th grader and a 6th grader to help out during their lunches, so he stepped out of his comfort zone and recruited help - an invaluable leadership attribute.  Within minutes of arriving (7th grade lunch is last), Brendan evaluated the situation and began realizing how the already successful project could become better with some tweaks.  He adjusted on the fly, and - to my surprise - he began to plan the next iteration.  Evaluating, taking responsibility, making adjustments, committing to perseverance...

Now, I don't want to give the impression that it didn't go well.  Look at the pictures!  The Bean Bag Toss was busy for the entirety of all three lunches.  It brought excitement and joy to students.  It touched students outside of NJHS.  Animal lovers went through the line multiple times, donated without accepting a prize, and asked about when it would happen again.  Not bad for a cold afternoon in February!  And what a community we have here where students step up to support their peer's vision as well as the animal shelter.  It's more than enough to fill this teacher's bucket.  I just wish more people knew what amazing things these fine young humans at Boltz are doing.  It's not always flashy, but I'd be happy to argue with anyone who doesn't think what Brendan did was very meaningful, for the animals, for himself, and for the student community.  

Bean Bag Toss 2


Bean Bag Toss


Our January meeting was so productive!  We are creating scarves for donation/fundraising.  Pictured below you will also find incredible leadership from Joanna Van Shaar on our Val-O-Grams fundraiser and Cooper McGrew's mind-blowing dedication to the Give Next endeavor.  These students show up early ready to produce.  It's awe inspiring!



Sadly we don't have pictures, but we are very excited to announce the conclusion of three more projects! 

Another success was produced by Ella McKnight who successfully planned and executed a ball drive during the last week prior to winter break.  Ella was such a thoughtful and responsible leader.  It's amazing what these young adults can do!  We look forward to seeing their leadership qualities continue to grow!  

Being a leader requires many skills and practice.  One of those skills is seeing a need in your community.  Bailey Kettler has now concluded another project.  It's incredible how well honed her ability to spot a need is!  This time Bailey collected donated toys to brighten the holiday season for children in our community.  It brings a tear to my eye thinking about how Bailey brightened another child's day out of the kindness of her heart.  NJHS members are not required to take on these projects.  

Finn Berning persevered in his efforts to put together foot care kits which will be distributed at local shelters.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and endless energy to help the community, Finn! 

Foot Care Kits


A huge congratulations to Claire Nguyen for taking on a behind schedule project and bringing to a successful conclusion!  Claire led NJHS to create holiday cards thanking local first responders for their heroic efforts during the pandemic.  Way to go Claire!

Holiday Cards!

Congratulations to Emily Texeira for making the Horsetooth cleanup plan become a reality!  Dozens of volunteers came out to clean up around South Bay on a beautiful Sunday morning.  Once again, we are amazed by the vision and follow through of these young student leaders!  They have huge hearts and are willing to give of themselves to make a difference in the community.  Go Boltz!

These students volunteered for the Horsetooth Cleanup!

First Food Bank Crew

Time to celebrate a success!  Bailey Kettler saw a need, planned, and executed a trip to the Larimer County Food Bank and we couldn't be more proud!  The folks at the food bank said they had never had a middle school student plan a trip like this!  Way to go Bailey!  In addition, thank you to the eight students and parent volunteer who participated.  Now that Bailey's got the hang of this project, look for her to pass her leadership knowledge on to other students who will likely lead this project many more times this year.  We will see!

There will be successes and failures this year, but that is all part of learning about leadership.  With these projects and likely many more to come, we hope to get as many students as possible involved and give them the opportunity to take on authentic leadership roles that will further promote the 5 pillars of NJHS.  Again, if you have ideas, opportunities, suggestions or concerns, please reach out to  Encourage your student to check their email regularly (our best form of communication) and keep up to date on Google Classroom.  Most importantly encourage them to get involved with various activities and to lead at least one project this year!  Thank you and I look forward to updating this website with more exciting news to come!

Communication Issues: Our biggest struggle this year by far is communication. We are using this website, email, Google Classroom and a phone app known as Remind. Remind seems to have the best response, but some students have not signed up for it yet due to missing the meeting. Have your student click on this document for the instructions on how to sign up for Remind if they haven't done so already. Thanks!


General information about NJHS and the process for selection into the Boltz chapter of NJHS.