Phoenix Pride

8th Grade Team

This year can be summed up as one that facilitates the foundational awareness of real-life skills.

The eighth-grade students continue their educational journey into an exciting menu of experiences that allow them to expand their view of the world. Scientifically, they improve their analytical skills through laboratory investigations requiring the use of the scientific method. Ultimately, they sharpen their awareness of cause and effect within their living environment and learn to search for reliable methodology. This heightened awareness is built upon further in their Socials Studies class as they begin to view the world with a greater sense of citizenship and responsibility to our society. Mathematics continues to work on critical thinking skills to prepare students for success in high school mathematics and in everyday life. Language Arts takes reading and writing to a new level of creative prose and layered understanding with novels to develop more mature, critical thought and connection to our society’s classic works.

Mid-year, the students get the chance to test all their acquired skills through a “game of life” simulation during a filed trip to the Junior Achievement Finance Park, a favorite day for our students. With this exposure and training, your eighth-grader will take a big step in the connectedness of their learning and preparation for high school and, more importantly, life.