About Boltz Middle School

Located at 720 Boltz Drive in Fort Collins, Colorado, Boltz Middle School, was built in 1973,and named after I.K. Boltz, Fort Collins High School principal from 1940-43 and PSD superintendent from 1962-71. After his retirement, Boltz became the executive director of the Federal Relations Commission, serving as a liaison between the federal government and Colorado public education. Boltz Junior High School was well under construction and scheduled to open its doors for the beginning of the 1972-73 school term. Just prior to opening, however, a fire ravaged the facility. Determined crews immediately set about rebuilding the structure from the ashes up, and the school opened January 29, 1973. A beautiful Greek myth parallels Boltz's early fate. Legend had it that the Phoenix, a brilliant reddish and gold bird, was the only one of its species. It lived a regular life for hundreds of years, at the end of which time it burned itself on a funeral pyre. From the ashes would arise another Phoenix, one of renewed youth and beauty. Accordingly, we chose the Phoenix for our school mascot. Today Boltz is a school with great pride in our heritage, abundant and energetic young people, and dedicated staff. Our pride is reflected in the red and gold colors of that majestic bird that has become our symbol -- therefore we are...the Boltz Phoenix.

We currently house around 605 students, 45 licensed staff, and 22 classified staff.