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Boltz Updates and Reminders - 9/3/2020

Boltz Updates and Reminders – 9/3/2020


Material Pick Up Day – Friday, September 11th – 8am to 12pm – We will have bags of supplies for each student to pick up that include books, supplies for electives, gifts, school photos (if you came to check-in) and IDs. Please come anytime between 8am and noon to the following locations that are split out by grade level. All supplies will be brought to you in your vehicle. Look for a pop up tent in these locations:

  • 6th grade pickup is in the back-parking lot
  • 7th grade pickup is in the front-parking lot
  • 8th grade pickup is in the Bus Circle


Attendance – If you have a student will be missing synchronous learning time Monday through Thursday you must excuse them. Here is a link to our schedule. We have 3 options to excuse your student:

  • You can call 472-3700, then select option 1 and leave a message
  • You can email us at
  • Or you can submit an absence through ParentVue – just click on the REPORT ABSENCE button next to your student’s name in the phone APP or the browser version of ParentVue  

Be sure to include your student’s name, ID #, dates or periods absent, and the reason. If you use ParentVue to report the absence you will just need to provide the date/time and reason. Thanks for helping us keep accurate records on your student’s attendance.


Updating Contact Information – You can also make changes to contact information through ParentVue. If you’ve changed phone numbers or need to update emergency contacts, please do so through ParentVue. If you need to change your address in the system you will need to provide a proof of the new address for your student’s cum file. This can be dropped off to our office Monday through Thursday between 8am and 3pm. Changing your address does not mean you have to change schools if you’ve moved outside of our attendance area. Once you’re at Boltz this is your school regardless of where you move, unless you decide you’d like to change based on your new address.


Class Participation – As we work through the beginning of our school year, we are getting closer to having all our students up and running with our technology and classroom expectations. If you are still having issues connecting with a class call our office and we’ll help you through it. If it is a technology issue please check our Tech Support page and enter a ticket as needed.

As an expectation for all classes, students must participate in class to be present – logging on and doing something else or not responding to a teacher during class isn’t attending. Some students are still resistant to turning on cameras and we want to encourage ALL STUDENTS to have their cameras on during class. With all our learning is being done remotely, it is vitally important students are as engaged as possible. Teachers will be reaching out to students and parents via email if issues with engagement are and participation are occurring.


MAP testing – The last standardized testing we completed was in 2019 and we need to give our students a baseline assessment in the content areas of Language Arts and Math in order to know the academic level for all our students. On Sept 21st and 22nd we will be MAP level testing all students. We will be doing this in their A-group and B-group designations. Our entire staff will be involved in this because our test groups will need to be 10 students. More detailed information will follow on this but we want you to be aware we will not have our normally scheduled class periods on those days because the whole staff will be proctoring these tests with students. These tests will last no more than 90 minutes each.


Picture Retake day – We will have a school picture retake day on Friday, October 2nd between 9am and 2pm. Students who missed out check-in can come in for their school photos. Students will receive a student ID at this time. We will run this retake session using all physical distancing protocols.


From the Boltz Health Office: 

Parents, the following information is from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment concerning immunizations. If you would like to check the status of your student’s immunizations, please call the Boltz Health Office at 970-472-3708. A Notice of Requirement will be emailed to parents on September 15, 2020 to notify you if immunizations for your student are not up to date.  


Dear parents/guardians of students in Colorado kindergarten – 12th grade schools for the 2020-21 school year: 

We know you’re thinking of all the things you need to do to make sure your student is ready for school. Getting vaccinated is an important part of their school readiness and keeps children from catching and spreading diseases that can make them sick. We wish you and your student a healthy school year! 

 Required and recommended vaccines 

● Colorado law requires students who attend a public, private, or parochial kindergarten - 12th grade school to be vaccinated against many of the diseases vaccines can prevent, unless an exemption is filed. For more information, visit (or Your student must be vaccinated against: 

  • diphtheria, tetanus & pertussis (DTaP, DTP,Tdap) 
  • polio (IPV) 
  • measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  • hepatitis B (HepB) 
  • varicella (chickenpox) 

● Colorado follows recommendations set by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Students entering kindergarten must receive their final doses of DTaP, IPV, MMR and varicella. Students entering 6th grade must receive one dose of Tdap vaccine, even if they are under 11 years of age. You can view recommended vaccine schedules for children 0 - 6 years of age at and preteens/teens 7 - 18 years of age at 

● Vaccines are recommended for hepatitis A, influenza, meningococcal disease and human papillomavirus, but are not required. 


● If your student cannot get vaccines because of medical reasons, you must submit an official Immunization Medical Exemption Form to your school, signed by a health care provider licensed to give vaccines. You only need to submit this form once, unless your student’s information or school changes. You can get the form at (or 

● If you choose not to have your student vaccinated according to the current recommended schedule because of personal belief or religious reasons, you must submit a non-medical exemption to your school. Non-medical exemptions must be submitted annually at every new school year (July 1st through June 30th of the following year). The easiest way to file a personal or religious exemption is by using our online or downloadable non-medical exemption form available at (or 


Estimados padres/tutores de estudiantes de kindergarten a 12º grado de Colorado para el año escolar 2020-21: 

Sabemos que están pensando en todas las cosas que tienen que hacer para asegurarse de que su hijo está listo para la escuela. Las vacunas son una parte importante de la preparación escolar y evitan que contraigan y contagien enfermedades. ¡Les deseamos un año escolar saludable a usted y su hijo! 

 Vacunas exigidas y recomendadas 

● La ley de Colorado exige que los estudiantes que asisten a una escuela pública, privada o religiosa entre Kindergarten y 12.º grado estén vacunados contra muchas de las enfermedades que las vacunas pueden prevenir, a menos que se presente una exoneración. Para más información, visite (o Su hijo debe estar vacunado contra las siguientes enfermedades: 

  • Difteria, tétanos y tos ferina (DTaP, DTP, Tdap) 
  • Polio (IPV) 
  • Sarampión, paperas, rubeola (MMR) 
  • Hepatitis B (HepB) 
  • Varicela 

● Colorado sigue las recomendaciones establecidas por el Comité Asesor de Prácticas de Vacunación. Los estudiantes que ingresan en kindergarten deben recibir las dosis finales de DTaP, IPV, MMR y varicela. Los estudiantes que ingresan en 6o grado deben recibir una dosis de la vacuna Tdap, incluso si tienen menos de 11 años. Puede ver los calendarios de vacunación recomendados para niños de 0 a 6 años en y preadolescentes y adolescentes de 7 a 18 años en 

● Se recomiendan las vacunas contra la hepatitis A, la influenza, la enfermedad por meningococo y el virus del papiloma humano, pero no son obligatorias. 


● Si su hijo no puede recibir vacunas por motivos médicos, debe presentar en la escuela un Formulario de exoneración médica para vacunas oficial, firmado por un proveedor de atención médica autorizado para administrar vacunas. Solo debe presentar este formulario una vez, a menos que cambie la información o la escuela de su hijo. Puede obtener el formulario en (o 

● Si no desea que se vacune a su hijo según el calendario actual recomendado por creencias personales o razones religiosas, debe presentar una exoneración no médica ante la escuela. Las exoneraciones no médicas deben presentarse anualmente con cada nuevo año escolar (del 1º de julio al 30 de junio del año siguiente). La manera más fácil de presentar una exoneración personal o religiosa es usar nuestro formulario en línea o descargable de exoneración no médica disponible en (o