Phoenix Pride

Checkout at Boltz

Hello Phoenix Community,   

During the week of May 18th, we will be conducting the end of the year checkout for all students. In planning and preparing for this, we have inspected lockers at Boltz and determined that most students took home their personal items before spring break. Due to this decreased need to have students access the building, and at the urging of the Larimer County Health Department, our checkout will be conducted in a drive-up format. Locker contents will be emptied, bagged and labeled by staff this week in preparation for return to students. This is a format similar to the one being used by elementary schools.

It is important that we have items belonging to Boltz returned. Items not returned will be charged to students accounts.

Any usable items belonging to students and not collected at checkout will be recycled or donated.



  • Students and parents should remain in vehicles during the checkout process – exceptions are made for retrieval of items from PE or Music Lockers (details below).
  • For the safety of our staff and students we encourage everyone in the vehicle to wear the appropriate cloth face coverings when completing the checkout process.
  • Please have your child sit on the passenger side of the car for easy communication with school staff. 
  • It will speed up the process if a piece of paper is placed in the passenger side dash stating your child’s first and last name and locker number.


  • Following the time slots listed below, cars will pull through the stations returning and collecting items.
  • Please arrive from the east side of the Boltz Campus, the same way as if you were to be dropping off or picking up your student.
  • We do not encourage students or parents walking to campus but if you must walk, please walk up the sidewalk on Boltz Drive, stopping at the crosswalk in the parking lot.  If other families are ahead of you, please wait until someone can help you.

You will progress through the following stations

  1. Provide name and locker # to staff (they will collect your items).
  2. Laptop and Charger return
  3. Instrument return
  4. Library, Novel and textbook return
  5. Music Uniform and Athletic Jersey returns
  6. Yearbook pickup
  7. Locker item pickup
  8. School work pick up (limited)
  9. Remaining medication pickup (can only be completed by a parent). 
  10. PE locker and Music locker clean out.  If your student has anything in PE or music lockers, please park by the basketball courts after completing the above stations. From there the student can proceed to the Gym Entrance. We are allowing one student into the locker room and band hall at a time.

We will make every effort to return all items to students during checkout. If an item is not in your student’s bag during checkout, please contact Josh Richey ( and he will make every attempt to locate it and get it returned to you.


Checkout Schedule

5/18 Special Populations at Boltz (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM) - Invitation Only

5/20 Last Names A-K (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM)

9:00-9:30: Students names: A-BAI

9:30-10:00: Students names: BAK-BRA

10:00-10:30: Students names: BRI-CAS

10:30-11:00: Students names: CAT-COS

11:00-11:30: Students names: COU-DUA

11:30-12:00: Students names: DUN-FOS

12:00-12:30: Students names: FRA-GOR

12:30-1:00: Students names: GRA-HEL

1:00-1:30: Students names: HEN-JOH

1:30-2:00: Students names: JON-KUC


5/21 Last Names L-Z (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM)

9:00-9:30: Students names: LAF- MAC

9:30-10:00: Students names: MAD-McN

10:00-10:30: Students names: MED-MUN

10:30-11:00: Students names: NAB-PER

11:00-11:30: Students names: PHA-ROM

11:30-12:00: Students names: ROS-SNE

12:00-12:30: Students names: SOA-UHR

12:30-1:00: Students names: ULI-WHI

1:00-1:30: Students names: WIE-Z


5/22 Make-up day

Please contact Asst. Principal Josh Richey ( if your student cannot make your designated time and need to schedule a time on the make-up day.


Boltz Community: Please know we do everything we can to build a community that connects kids with each other and kids with adults in our building.  We love to use the end of the year and check out for celebration of your students.  This process will feel routine, controlled and, quite frankly, not very fun.  Please understand that the circumstances of our checkout process are necessary to keep your student safe as this is our number one priority. Thank your for assisting us in this task. 


Please send any questions about the checkout process to:  

Asst. Principal Josh Richey: